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2017 - 2021

Our team successfully implemented a large-scale project to create an online store for Krukonogi using the Magento platform. Throughout the project, we developed numerous specialized modules, each enhancing user experience and site functionality.

Special attention was given to the development of an accelerated cart using Vue.js, significantly increasing the speed and convenience of the purchasing process, making it smooth and fast for climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to front-end work, we carried out important back-end tasks that strengthened the site's technical reliability and performance.

A significant part of our work also involved support and maintenance of the site after its launch, including technical assistance and regular updates to ensure continuous operation and compliance with modern security standards.

This project not only demonstrates our capability for innovation in e-commerce but also highlights our expertise in creating scalable and effective Magento-based solutions, as well as providing quality support to our clients and implementing advanced technologies like Vue.js.