Physical Experience

Conceive and develop physical products and spaces for a digital world.

Creating Physical-Digital Products & Experiences for Today’s Connected World

With rapid acceleration of digital adoption and major advancements in Web3 and the Metaverse fast becoming a reality, we’re facing shifts that will change business and society as we know it; from how we experience brands, services and products through XR to currency, ownership and identity. Physical and digital worlds will merge like never before.

We combine strategy, research and design with EPAM’s deep data and engineering capabilities to develop physical products, spaces and experiences that leverage technology and real-time insights. It’s how we help our clients develop the connected ecosystems needed to thrive in this new reality.

Our Core Focus Areas

Physical Products

While identifying the underpinning strategy for your business, our team designs connected product ecosystems and experiences that serve your customers’ rapidly changing needs and expectations. We help you make it real.

Physical Spaces

From airports to omnichannel retail experiences for shoppers or workspace experiences for employees, we craft compelling spatial experiences that drive revenue and operational efficiency.

Digital Experiences

To deliver smart, connected physical spaces and products, we leverage a wide array of digital capabilities to help you consistently exceed your customers’ expectations and build strong, long-lasting relationships.

Our Capabilities

We develop new portfolios, product lines and product strategies, fine tuning their propositions, features and USPs.

We strategically craft visual and experiential features for physical products and digital touchpoints making the brand always recognizable, memorable.

We design new products and product ecosystems that integrate business models, digital touchpoints, services and communication.

We study markets and user behaviors to uncover opportunities by tapping into our global network and applying our vast set of methodologies.

We define new concepts, reasons-to-be and integrated experiences for physical spaces in the digital age, from retail to hospitality to work spaces.

We create new retail strategies and in-store experiences that streamline the shopping experience and elevate consumers’ brand perceptions.