White Space Innovation

Uncover value, design and launch market-defining offerings that drive growth.

Mavericks wanted. We call the bold to join us.

Whether you seek to reinvigorate mature businesses, respond to new entrants by disrupting yourself or anticipate opportunities to stay ahead, EPAM Continuum helps you grow. We’ll explore and find new market opportunities, translate unmet and latent customer needs into business value, and accelerate your path to market.

To launch innovative and market-defining products and services takes more than just a deep understanding of customer needs. We concurrently define the customer experience, business and operating models, and necessary technologies to accomplish your goals and align and scale them to your business. Through a mix of quantitative and qualitative research methods, we identify meaningful problems and then determine how best to leverage your core strengths in combination with emerging technologies to create new products and services that disrupt the market.

Opportunity Identification & Prioritization

You need to uncover opportunities for your business. We help you translate insights from users into focus areas to explore, identifying and prioritizing new opportunities before clearly articulating compelling new experiences and value propositions.

Business Design

You need to deliver real value for your business. We bring concepts to life, testing and validating ideas with users, developing cost and revenue models, identifying any underlying requirements or assumptions, and ensuring we present a compelling case for innovation. We’ll help accelerate proof of potential and short-term value while establishing a roadmap to long-term growth.

Business Model Innovation

You want to explore new business models. Together we’ll explore how to create, deliver, and capture new market value, including leveraging alternative business structures, defining new partnership models and connecting value chains to share risk and reward. We’ll partner across all aspects of product development, including world-class design and engineering.

GTM Strategy

You need a strategic path into a market. We’ll develop the business strategy, market entry strategy and brand design needed for success, charting a course to both immediate results and long-term transformation.

Organizational Change

You need to drive fundamental changes within your organization. We’ll help by providing extensive consulting and training to embed necessary changes, building new and improved ways of working in your organization and its social structures.