Cloud & Data Security

Secure your cloud and data ecosystem through continuous hardening and vulnerability management

Protecting your cloud and data ecosystem begins by looking at security as a holistic process.

One where you continuously harden your defenses to reduce your attack surface and blast radius. Cloud’s advantages are undeniable, but you can’t apply the same security controls that you used on prem. Otherwise, you’ll open gaps in your defenses that give cyber criminals greater opportunity to probe your infrastructure for weaknesses and points of entry. It’s essential for you to prevent unauthorized access, protect against misconfigurations, and secure your interfaces and APIs.

Our SafeCloud approach strengthens your protection through a proactive, agile approach that focuses on prevention, deterrence, detection, response and continuous improvement. We combine the latest digital technologies and with our governance, risk and compliance (GRC) domain experience to enable your business to identify, mitigate and report on operational, financial, compliance and IT risks. Whether you need to secure your cloud assets or integrate a secure CI/CD pipeline to your cloud app, our security expertise can help you without slowing down business operations.

How We Work with You

Secure landing zones

Build secure landing zones with automated security guardrails and implement secure CI\CD pipelines.

Continuous monitoring

Implement automated security auditing for monitoring and response to continuously improve cloud security posture.

Zero trust environments

Develop zero trust environments and implement enterprise-wide IAM/PIM systems to ensure digital identity governance.

Data protection

Provide data segregation to protect data from compromise and exfiltration, whether in transit or at rest with encryption.

Cloud data assessment

Identify sharable cloud data, assess who has authorized access and establish cloud resource settings throughout the asset’s lifecycle.

Vulnerability management programs

Develop and implement vulnerability management programs that continuously identify, assess, classify and remediate security weaknesses.

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