Digital Risk Management

Businesses today face many challenges stemming from the rapid changes in technology, regulatory risk and compliance.

The traditional approach to these issues—governance, risk and compliance (GRC), enterprise risk management (ERM), and integrated risk management (IRM)—doesn’t take the growing presence of digital tools into consideration. These play an increasing role in managing risk by assisting with workflow development, audit processes, cybersecurity management and more. As operations, governance, compliance, risk management and technology continue to overlap, organizations must think dynamically about how they use these tools to create business value for clients.

The catalysts driving change in operations require a pivot away from the traditional and toward the digital. Digital Risk Management (DRM) aims to expand upon existing practices in GRC/ERM/IRM, embracing the new working methods of contemporary enterprises while illuminating and mitigating the risks associated with these automated platforms.

A well-constructed DRM strategy and program can enable organizations to thrive in the face of the evolving risk landscape. At USAva, we take a comprehensive, proactive approach to compliance as a code, which encompasses all the areas of risk, compliance and governance within the full systems development lifecycle—helping to integrate DRM into the entire Business IT ecosystem.

USAva DRM Capabilities

We consult with your business from the very beginning of your DRM journey, working across all domains and disciplines and then implementing the right processes, methodologies and technologies to help you achieve your goals.

We integrate critical DRM intelligence and content sources across your enterprise to enable successful strategies.

  • Framework Development
  • System Rollout Strategies
  • Process Mapping & Documentation
  • DRM Platform Implementation
  • Development of Governance
  • Documentation for Security Programs

Our team implements automation assessments that ensure the rapid reporting of threat intelligence associated with changing regulations, industry shifts and geopolitical events.>

  • GMP Compliance
  • Local Legislation Adaptation
  • GAP Analysis
  • Project Scope Management
  • Development of Manufacturing MDM Systems
  • Production Planning & Control
  • Quality Management & Control from Purchasing to Delivery

We create C-Level visibility of critical control and governance KPIs using ‘single-pane of glass’ dashboards.

  • Dashboard Development (Splunk)
  • Integration & Collection of Logs
  • Data Parsing, Analysis & Modeling
  • Handling Sensitive Data
  • Multi-Department Alerting Systems & Advanced Alerting for PCI DSS Compliance
  • Custom Correlation Searches based on MITRE ATT&CK Frameworks
  • Data-Driven Near Real-Time Governance

We help you connect all operational business areas and associated risks through seamless DRM platform integration, including cloud, mobile, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions and architectures.

  • Security Terms of Reference
  • Policy, Procedure & Process Development
  • Risk Ownership Mapping
  • Platform Implementation Rollout Strategy
  • Security Program Governance Documentation
  • Control Management
  • Risk Assessment Methodology

We work closely with you to consult on how your business can improve its overall governance practices by developing and enhancing policies, procedures and controls; ensuring controls are aligned with industry and government regulations; and implementing AI and ML solutions to monitor controls and KPIs.

  • Design User Interface for Security & Administration, Instrument Calibration, Barcode Reading & Quality Control Functions
  • Automated Image Analysis Algorithms
  • Classifier Optimization for Operational Data
  • Software Development Compliant with 21 CFR, Part 11