Managed Detection & Response

Detect and respond to attacks in real-time with AI/ML.

Traditional tools aren’t enough to uncover advanced, persistent threats.

These threat investigation and SIEM tools have a heavy upfront cost, high total cost of ownership and can send hundreds of meaningless alerts a day that are false-positive distractions.

Our cloud-based managed detection and response (MDR) service provides proactive threat detection, intelligence-driven threat hunting and automated response so you can stop a breach before it wreaks havoc on your digital environment. Most importantly, it’s customized based on your requirements, size and volume of security data. We even offer an extended detection and response (XDR) solution to further strengthen your defenses.

How We Work with You

We cover the SOC, its people, processes and the SIEM platform licensing necessary to perform network and endpoint detection. You can handle responses after our SOC reports on what’s been detected.

In addition to covering the SOC, its people, processes and the SIEM software licenses necessary to perform network and endpoint detect and response (EDR), we provide the following:

  • ML/AI automated response and advanced user behavior analytics
  • Use case factory to reduce false positives
  • Threat hunting
  • Third-party risk sources databases
  • Incident response and forensics services

We adopt the methods of cybercriminals to optimize your defense strategy by using the MITRE ATT&CK framework along with our intelligence expert’s research. The Eye of the Enemy platform imitates the attackers' actions and workflows, from intelligence and reconnaissance to attack simulation. Here’s what you’ll get out of the platform:

  • Test yourself against ransomware and other common attacks before they reach your organization
  • Get new threat notifications within hours of them occurring
  • Select the vector/payloads that are most valuable for your business

Our Capabilities

24/7 monitoring,

detection and response to threats in real-time

event correlation,

prioritization and investigation with automatic alerts

Threat intelligence

from an extensive and growing list of partners

Security research

backed by skilled analysts, forensic experts and incident responders

real-time attack analysis

to identify threats that exploit zero-day vulnerabilities