AI Security by Design

Building security into the AI-enabled enterprise

When you weave AI into all facets of your business, you need security by design

As you implement AI/ML technologies into your enterprise, your attack surfaces will grow and evolve — and new types of exploits will grow and evolve even faster. On top of that, you need to have a comprehensive strategy around data classification and inventory, ingestion controls, and non-compliance discovery and remediation. The path ahead requires embracing AI while safeguarding your enterprise and putting strong governance and policies around your data.

In this new reality, you need a new security model: One that not only covers the attack vectors that LLMs bring, but also infuses AI into your defenses to ensure a strong and continuous security posture. We look at AI security from all angles, assessing your business, creating a security roadmap and applying proven principles across your systems. Together, we design, automate, operate and build security and resilience with ongoing governance into your enterprise.

Our Core Focus Areas

We’ve been experimenting with and implementing AI/ML solutions for decades, enabling us to quickly address the core concerns around generative AI adoption.


Confidentiality & Privacy


Quality & Reliability


Compliance & Auditability

How We Work With You

You need to align enterprise adoption of AI and ML in accordance with existing regulatory obligations and standards to enable LLMs.

We help you assess changes to your data handling and processing for critical and classified data sets, PII/SI, and ensure compliance to standards and certification processes.

You need to develop security architecture that ensures that your AI and ML platforms, models and Applications are ethical, secure and compliant with regulations.

We apply our best practices and frameworks to design enterprise security architecture according to your identified use cases.

You need to define attack vectors and risk for usage, operations and management of AI/ML platforms and models, including LLMs.

We help you identify the use cases for AI/ML and map them to potential threats, identify weak points and recommend controls to reduce risk exposure, data breach and supply chain contamination.

You need to extend and enhance your software development lifecycle (SDLC) and DevOps practices with AI-enhanced security controls.

We help you build a modern and advanced development platform — from instrumenting AI-enhanced static to dynamic scanning to AI augmented programming experience.

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