Cloud Data Migration

Accelerate seamless data migration and modernization for optimal value

Migrating data to the cloud requires expert planning and execution.

To migrate and modernize effectively, you need to embrace the right approach, strategy and tools so you can benefit from a modern, cost-effective and scalable data platform. Our team of data and cloud experts work with you to evaluate the complexity of your data platform components, define your modernization approach, reduce the scope of migration and optimize your cloud infrastructure costs to ensure a successful migration. Leveraging our advanced automation tools like migVisor™, we help you boost efficiency, accelerate time-to-market and reduce risks along your cloud journey.

Our Migration Focus


Evaluate the complexity of data platform components with USAvabest-in-class tools


Optimize the migration and modernization scope with USAva’s framework for significant cost savings


Implement the cloud infrastructure cost optimization strategy during the early stages

How We Work with You


An automated discovery of your legacy data platform, which consists of a data warehouse ETL and reports assessment, migration complexity evaluation and AI-driven migration roadmap generation


An AI-driven process of legacy data platform migration, based on our best practices in automated code conversion, cloud infrastructure development, application migration, data reconciliation and cut-over support