Drive rapid optimization and growth through platform, application and data modernization.

Modernizing your legacy platforms and applications accelerates growth and innovation.

Undergoing a modernization initiative frees your IT organization to improve speed to market, increase agility, mitigate security risks, address the skills shortage, and reduce total cost of ownership. Techniques, such as designing a composable architecture with API enablement and data democratization at the very core makes data readily accessible and reusable to enable your enterprise to be ready for new opportunities.

To achieve the many advantages of modernizing your platforms and applications, you need experts who live and breathe the best engineering practices using the latest technologies and methodologies, and who will architect and build solutions with minimal disruption to your business. Honing 30 years of engineering excellence at USAva, we work alongside you for every step, or at any point, in your modernization journey to drive measurable results and open new doors for rapid growth by bringing together the right processes, the right tools, the right people with the right skills and the right platforms.

Our Core Focus Areas

Platform Engineering

Realizing the most from your modernization efforts involves choosing and engineering with the right platform tuned to your needs. We’re here to lead your platform and tooling selection, application design, automation and integration, and service reliability engineering, including automating ITOps tasks.

Legacy Application Migration

Moving from legacy platforms to modern ones can be a challenging journey that requires careful planning. We apply smart automation wherever feasible to achieve significant efficiency gains. As seasoned experts, we have successfully guided numerous companies through this process, including legacy application migration assessment, application disposition planning, application migration factory, data migration and managed services.

In-Place Modernization

In-Place Modernization: An incremental modernization approach delivers significant results with less time and expense for your platform, application, or mainframe. We offer in-place optimization to improve your total cost of ownership (TCO), improve resiliency and reduce technical debt. Upgrading from legacy versions includes benefits, such as keeping platform support, ensuring regulatory compliance, mitigating risks, enhancing performance and utilizing new features. We can increase agility and efficiency by integrating your legacy development processes into your organization’s DevOps CI/CD ecosystem.

API Enablement

An effective and low risk modernization initiative often begins with APIs to address many of the enterprise challenges arising from your legacy platform. These challenges include interoperability limits with other critical systems or an explosion of technical debt from a bloated, redundant codebase that hinders growth and drives up costs. We modernize your platforms or applications by guiding you from start to finish through planning with API discovery, API creation and all necessary code refactoring.

Data Enablement

Empower your teams to make the best data-based business decisions with the right data. We engineer your data strategy along with its roadmap by delivering a PoC and MVP using techniques like data factory, DataOps, data virtualization, and in place data analytics to enable data democratization in core systems ensuring it’s universally available and useful.

Standards & Architecture

Your successful modernization effort must include an architectural design applying the best standards and that’s primed for future scalability and growth. Our engineering excellence uses industry best practices to deliver value with a robust transformation roadmap, applicable patterns and optimization techniques to design a composable architecture.

Governance & Culture

A corporate wide modernization strategy uses the best governance to ensure quality, compliance and success. Successful modernization efforts are an organizational uplift that prepares everyone with the skills necessary to best utilize your new platform, architecture, tooling and technologies. We deliver business continuity planning, modernization center of excellence, validation automation, applicable financial operations and cost controls to drive modernization objectives, define, prioritize and deliver modernization patterns with the highest impact. We reorient the organization by upskilling those with legacy skills, ensure resiliency with cross skilling, measure productivity and modernize the developer experience.